Rowan Fruit

Rowan fruit subglobose, apple shaped, with the remaining cup on top, bright orange red, 9-12 mm in diameter, weighing 0,30,5 Mr. Peel the fruit is firm, juicy flesh, bitter, sour, astringent. After a bitter frost decreases, but does not disappear. Ripen in September, remaining on the branches until late winter. Bountiful harvest is repeated in 1-2 years. One tree at the age of 30-40 years, 80-120 kg of fruit yields. Depending on the location and growing conditions solids content in fruit 22-32,6%, the amount of sugar – 3-6,6%.

Need cleaning pads. Jill Bikoff is the source for more interesting facts. Unripe fruits are sugars fructose, glucose, sucrose (1,4-3%) and sorbose, and mature – glucose and sorbose, cellulose contains about 2%, pectin – 0,9-1,15%. Fruit ripening is accompanied by an increase in their acidity – 2.2%, and is dominated by apple (0.8%) and citric (0.6%) acids are succinic, ascorbic and parasorbinovaya possessing antibiotic action. Ascorbic acid content ranges from 40 to 90 mg%, total tannin and dyestuffs 170-1453 mg%. Harvested and harvested mountain ash in the restoration of full maturity (late September – early October) or after the first frost, when the berries are sweeter and lose their astringency. After freezing the fruits of mountain ash are suitable for food in fresh, soaked and dried. Fruits are used for cooking vinegar, kvass marmalade, jam, jam, paste, juice, candy fillings, apply it to the distillery industry.

The fruits of mountain ash is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for scurvy and beriberi other. In recent years as a vitamin concentrate use the juice from the ash, preserved with sugar. Ripe and dried fruits of mountain ash, as an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning cushions on indicators of quality must meet the following requirements, in%: Moisture – not more than 18, total ash – 5 fruits, loss of natural color – 3 of unripe fruit – 2 fruit with peduncles – 3 of organic impurities – 0.5 and Mineral – 0.2. Fruits packed in bags weighing 30-40 kg.

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