Second phase

Sale of Residential Properties in Cuernavaca For … A Urbanism “modern” or “, minutes from the City of M Co, with all the …
Ten years pass and if transcorre stage today. Ferraco is endowed with different characteristics and a lot of money in your pocket, and next to Barbara as his governanta. Decides to win Silvia, intelligent girl and insensitive many years now studying in Paris. She falls in love with him luxury condos and agreed to marry. On the feast of commitment, and Silvia Ferraco, Maria Paula discovers that it is Ferraco Adalberto da Rangel and the biggest scandal, desmascarando the front of everyone. Ferraco discovers who has a son with Maria Paula, Renato, 10 years and decides to approach the children and make friends with just the ex-wife has no courage to put in jail. But you do not like this situation is nothing Silvia, who has an unhealthy Ferraco hatred and envy for the child. The situation is compounded by Renato immediate vicinity of the festival, Maria Paula vai that organize the house Ferraco to despair of Silvia. It seems incredible that this would be a dick

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