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Nogales destinations of Sonora is situated in the North of the State of Sonora. It borders to the North United States, to the South with Imuris and Magdalena, on the East by Santa Cruz and on the West by Saric. With a surface of 1.674.56 Km2, represents 0.9% of the total area of the State. It is considered the main gateway to the Mexican territory and is visited daily by thousands of people who enter or leave the country, whether in business or pleasure trip. The city extends in a mountainous area to the North of the State at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, so its climate is pleasant throughout the year, maintaining a temperature average maximum of 27 C; with temperate climate in summer and cold in winter, registering some snowfall a year. Main attractions Turisticospor its geographical location, Nogales is considered as the main gateway of North American tourists from Arizona. Although the influx is considerable, this does not mean that it has as destination the municipal territory.

One of the main attractions of Nogales is the Temple of the sacred heart of Jesus, built in the early 20th century. However, there are a considerable number of bars and night clubs, to the large number of visitors to step and the population of Nogales Arizona neighbors in the city. As a recipient of foreign tourism, Nogales is the height of the circumstances; in its perimeter are 17 hotels, as well as restaurants, craft shops and malls that offer great variety of goods, for both Americans and Mexicans, since more than a hundred establishments specialized in curios and crafts where you can get ceramic, glass, art work in leather, furniture, antiques and imported products ranging from perfumes to food and clothing. Economianogales has the following infrastructure of communication: the Carretera Federal No. 15, which connects the town with the rest of the State and the United States of America; Railroad (parallel to federal highway); and several roads, basically subgrade.

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