Stock Market

Now it only is that I catching a handkerchief in the stock market (and fell in pranto), found caderninho, this I am written here, where thus: opening said caderninho of notes read: – ' ' Rosilda, my last desire is this: that my friend Jose Kirino Mundongo, the Zeca, holds the handle of the front of the right side of my coffin, until I to arrive in my last dwelling. He makes this as by all means. Cirineu' '. It was almost not supported of foot. It breathed deep, it sweated cold, the mouth dried, the heart it went off, he was esverdeado than the proper deceased and asked for to a cup dagua.

It drank the water and it was directed moved in direction to coffin, to also carry through the last order of the friend and the last one of its dreams. Somebody asked to it: – Zeca, you goes to support? The man is weighed! Nor he gave reply. Heart to the pulls, even made the last will of the deceased, taking it back in the deep one of the cemetary, in the high one of the mount. – ' ' Of this time it was. Now yes, well that I always said: I will not die before without carrying through my dreams; debtor, my great Ciri friend, for the second time ' ' he spoke for its buttons.

– What? You said some thing, Zeca? – Haa. , I? If if I said some thing? – man, you are so pale You this way saw some soul of the other world in these catacumbas? – The only tired one, said the Zeca to You. Therefore it is, following day, the doctor when evidencing the death spoke: – The Zeca wise person who its heart would not support that it caught any weight; nor of two kilos. Jnia – 2010

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