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So Paulo

CONCRETE BLOCK CERAMIC BLOCK (+) lesser covering use (-) bigger covering use (-) bigger cost of the structure (weight) (-) lesser cost of the structure (weight) (=) income 13 units for m (=) income 13 units for m (+) adopted loss of 3% (-) adopted loss of 5% (=) mason/maid 0,70 hours for m (=) […]

San Francisco Workmanships

A viable alterntiva so that it is sped up the workmanships of the pantry and olimpiadas, would be the full construction and entrance in the competition in construction of the engineering battalion, constructor in efficiency in dcads of 20 the 80 in almost all gradnes brs that they cut the Country. A great invocation through […]

Coal Furnaces

The suspension burning have many applications, mainly because it permits burning of oil, pulverized coal, and natural gas. Coal The pulverized has always presented itself an advantageous alternative will be uses in the thermal electricity. The uses of pulverized coal requires adds special care with flame stability and fuel preparation, involving conveyors, silos, mills and […]

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