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Tyrolean Hay

Tried and tested in unique combination is known for unusual organic highlights Tyrolean organic hay as natural cosmetics of superlatives Niederndorf/Austria – the Tyrolean Spa factory, it delivers the biological raw materials for health – and body-conscious man, from the local nature for years. Renowned health resorts, spas and hotels with Spa & beauty\”, build […]

Organic Perfume

Perfume of natural fragrances and free from chemical substances is under organic perfume man completely natural fragrances, free of harmful chemical substances and toxic plastics. With the growing threat of global warming, the use of artificially produced oils in diamond parfum.de has come almost to a standstill. The most perfume manufacturers are today seeks to […]

Precious Organic Perfumes

Precious organic perfumes from Sharini at perfume villa.de history of Parfumeurskunst began around from the 16th century. At that time, it was high-fashion in France, perfumed gloves. At times of the Sun King Louis XIV., the Parfumeriegewerbe really blossomed. The perfumers knew, already, a broad spectrum of ingredients from nature, which they used for their […]

Aging Process

Many scientists say they do not know what is responsible for the aging process. Others might say it is a normal part of life cycle. I would like to present a new and exciting observation here that may shed light on the causes of the aging process and how that can potentially be not only […]

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