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In a world of perfect competition and information it would not have reason for the financial intermediate existence. The individuals could take its savings and investiz them in projects and firms with returns that excellent are given to the secular preferences and horizontes of the individuals. The markets could be specialized in commercializing contracts that […]

Union Cities

The demands of the population for services of the most different types proceeding from the municipal public sector are very great, requiring the use of resources, that are collected of the society, also in avultada amount. They are services of basic education, health, transports (including construction and maintenance of streets, avenues, roads, etc.) and plus […]

Great Day For Rodrigo Medina

Starting today Leon begins campaigns to the governorship of the State of Nuevo, after 6 years we witness the change of Governor for our State, from today we can see the candidates on a host of promotional events for their election campaigns. Rodrigo Medina, began with lots of activities to do in his campaign, began […]

Productive Chain

A nation as JAPAN does not have the minimum escrpulo in the actions related with the collection of its debts. will not be surprise if at this moment the samurais will not be next to the Itamaraty trying to convince our diplomats in warranting the attempt to construct to the hidroeltrica in the river Wood […]

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