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Ecologically Correct

We suggest then a partnership between pet shoping and the municipal city hall of this city, to lead the animals died through collection in appropriate vehicle, so that animal died they finish contributing with the nature and being recycled and becoming ration to be resold again in pet, as ration of birds, cattle, pigs etc. […]

The Decomposition

Giving continuity we find a factor that really is an obstacle for the owners of pet shoping, of that forms to discard and where to discard dead animals that eventually die in the clinics inside of these commerce or that they are led by the owners of domestic animals that die, and its owners finish […]

Industrial Process

It works mind topresent potencializing and minimizing procedures will be the environmental impactsresulted of the STS’ s fisicals and biologicals you process, wich should beunderstood the industrial process. The importance of it’ local s environmentalperformance has repercussions, involving soil, to air and body of to water thatreceives the treated efluent, because it you involve one […]

Industry Processes

Later the field was made a visit where the beginning of the system was verified> of treatment of effluent and the mouth of the mine. To have the chance to be part of the routine of one of the biggest companies of the sector in the whole world, nor that it is for some hours, […]

Organic Production

This production is a rescue of one technique of culture forgotten with the implantation of the Green Revolution in the postwar period, that in the truth was the Revolution of the Chemical Industry, that raising the flag of the eradication of the hunger, abandoned good the practical ones of the alimentary security. Supported in a […]

Harvesting Ideas Planting Action

Appeared Edna of Oliveira Sonia M.C.Bakonyi SUMMARY the present article describes the practical part of an educational project, initiative of a situated judiciary unit in a city where the selective collection not yet was installed for a composed group of servers for adults who in its majority had not passed for educative process of this […]

Sowing Cultures

Also it is necessary that if it knows given regional important, such as climate, type of ground, flora and fauna of the outskirts, among others characteristic. All these factors are excellent for the conduction of a organic plantation that will go to interact with the environment and local population, where the system will be lead. […]

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