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Pablo Freire

Of this form, the reader to if pointing out in the act to read, have the notion of that the exercise of its conscience regarding the written text not objective the simple act to memorize, but understanding and criticizing from a reflection. He is this to place itself that he assures the liberating character of […]

Health Of Rain

Morning. From an open window blowing cool. Get out of bed, turned out to be not so easy – more precisely, not at all easy. For the third day, without stopping for a moment, the rain. He fills the sidewalks, forming a deep muddy puddle. He was wet or One passerby accidentally jumped out of […]

Latin America

To if relating to this proximity of the author in question, Vera Maqua (Of the Labyrinths and waters: Between Barros and Dickes 2009, 193) affirm that: ' ' Literatures in Latin America they had inspired many writers to argue the absolutism and the authoritarianism in literatura' '. In the case of Ricardo Guillermo Dicke this […]

Aesthetic Passage

The Aesthetic Passage of Max Martins of the Stranger the H? It was Thiago de Melo BARBOSA (UEPA) Pedro Silva NASCIMENTO (UEPA) Janana Towers MORAES (UEPA) SUMMARY the objective of this text is to make a study of the workmanship of the poet Max Martins, more specifically of its three first books: The Stranger (1952); […]


Carlos was the only master of the world to who if it had to be subordinated. The area lead it where they were the priest and the sergeant and looked for in the best possible way to make the honors. Boni accepted the dose and in the quality of manager of the ENGETEC, the group […]


Beyond Lobato Hunter, other scholars of the subject have been worried about the material to be offered its public of form to opt to a new language, new values or even though to discourse on subjects and common values, but that they bring new resources, oportunizando to the children, spaces to be grown, to develop […]

European Union

(SILVEIRA, 1999, P. 245) The workmanship of Saramago makes the relation of history, including passed and present. As Maria of the Alzira Pebbles that contemporary says on the space of the Portuguese romance the space of this romance it is a space where the native land notion continues to be problematizada above all in its […]

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