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Thus Windows

"So, gost 30674-99 recommends the installation conditions under which the sealing assembly clearances should be around the perimeter of the window tight, tight. "To fill the assembly gaps (seams) used silicone sealants, pre-compressed sealing tape psul (compression tape), insulating polyurethane cords penoutepliteli, mineral wool and other materials that are hygienic conclusion and provide the required […]

Bathroom Water

Output, of course, is: in the first case of filters for water purification and softening, and the second to ensure adequate ventilation. Learn more at: Jeffrey Hayzlett. However, to ensure that natural stone will last longer, it should be to choose his residence. Marble on the walls looks very impressive, but because of the porous […]

Glass Processing

The point in the recipe glass "mixture" and the appearance of modern tools for glass processing. Glass for critical applications are now receiving from supercooled melt, and depending on the purpose for which it is manufactured, used a variety of "ingredients" – oxides and fluorides of various metals that give different qualities of glass. For […]

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