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Organic Chemistry

The books on organic chemistry says that the main scope of the polymer polystyrene – eps production in a serious scale. For ordinary people the words seem abnormal stupidity, devoid some semantic content. But it is actually quite primitive: Styrofoam – is known to all from childhood foam. Polyfoam – very interesting stuff. Obtained by […]

Thermal Processes

By thermal processes in welding taken to imply an increase in temperature of welded products (and the filler material) under the influence of welding heat sources, distribution of heat on the product and its removal in environment. Welding heat sources have a thermal effect on the main and filler metal, resulting in altered structure and […]

Processing Steel

The need for special steels grows every day: today, they need not only "traditional" industries – defense and aviation, but also the construction of (mostly high-rise), engineering and others. Undoubtedly, these products are expensive, because their manufacture requires a significant amount of resources. Nevertheless, the demand will increase further, because the characteristics of the metal […]

Polymer Processing

Within each of our lives accumulating an incredible number of various different kinds of garbage. As a result, we are confronted with problems of export, processing, storage of solid waste. The second use of plastic waste as possible in view of industrial machines. Getting a cheap and high quality recycled material in polymer processing is […]

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