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Organic Origin

She eats because she has hunger; if not to eat, will die. E, when ceasing the hunger, will stop to eat and alone it will come back to eat when it will have hunger. Its necessities and reactions are instinctive. In such act, the direction of the physical survival exists. To eat, in this in […]


To play possesss an elaborative character, that produces and results in transformations. The tricks and the toys, function, as mediating of the relation of the man with the world, modify the perception and the understanding that of it if has, consisting in genuine tools to learn to live, to also live in society, since to […]

MindBrain Problem

"(…) With the desktop No. 1 one I am familiar from my early years (…) has spread, it is relatively permanent, colorless, essentially is substantial (…) But No. 2, my desk scientist, more than anything empty. Scattered here and there in the void there are numerous electric charges rushing at great speed, but the entire […]

The Valley

Examples: The bridge River – Niteri, the Administrative city of Minas Gerais. The steel yields the pressure, to the heat, but they come back to the normal one. 4.Resilncia in psychology: We can see the Resilncia in the capacity of the human being to return to its emotional balance after to suffer great pressures or […]

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