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Child Psychology

‘ ‘ The society always saw the necessity to understand as the infantile development happens. with this some thinkers had initiated studies that disclosed the occurrence of this development. Currently on the basis of the studies of these thinkers, but especificadamente in Psychology, appear psychology of the development that serves as support parents and professors […]


When if it treats to bring electronic of the United States exist two ways of if obtaining what it wants: using the Priest or using the Post offices. They see what colored person made: ‘ ‘ Tava there the priest seated in the armchair of the airplane waiting the take-off when of the side of […]


The warning must be reduced the term and be signed by the parts. The obligation to repair the damage is the second partner-educative measure, made use in article 116 of the ECA, with basically educative purpose and the objective of awaking and developing the sense of the responsibility of the adolescent in face what it […]

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