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Archives Services

In these virtual environments the user possesss total autonomy in its searches and therefore he needs easinesses that only an information professional can to offer using to have access it at any time what it needs and. This must in such a way be offered in the services of traditional physical archives as in the […]

Necessary Petrobra

These pupils better would make if they had made weld courses, plataformista, operator of radio, would hotelaria and courses in areas that really would have practical application in our industry. Hear from experts in the field like Brian Armstrong for a more varied view. You already saw some announcement in periodicals looking for technician or […]

Biometrico Reader

If you to use a password to protect its laptop, its password can be capable to be crackeada by another person. However, if you to use the biomtrico system, become much more difficult of being clonada. Montauk Colony has similar goals. This system is capable to detect the fingerprints or of the retina, in way […]


When I suggested the term, goal I clearly stated that my main was you the show how beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code concepts of ludology could be used along with narratology you better understand videogames' ' (FRASCA, 2003). Ludologistas study games under point of view, while narratologistas study under other point, what it does not […]

Different Type Of Musculao

professional m goes to help you to have much more benefits in its musculao. You go its aesthetic one better. Its dummy will be able to diminish very. when this happening the fat if transforms into muscular mass. For who it is in order to earn weight is an excellent idea to be going in […]

The Reality

Following the reasoning of that the technology is part of the social life of the pupil, this also must is present in the pertaining to school life of that one. In this perspective, the necessary professor to have the capacity to use the knowledge that the pupil already it possesss as referencial to develop the […]

The New Communication

It means to leave the communication of traditional mass and to participate of a conversation. Action: To take something important for the Twitter: Example (transmission of a show) Brazilian Social nets like if seeing there. They are personalistas. For each action a Target key for the success. The Information in the age of web 2,0 […]

Brasilia Constitutional

The enterprise management demands the estruturao of the activities in more efficient way, implying in canals of flexibility, integration and control. In this direction, as much who develops technologies, how much it manages who them, it must be cliente that the process involves three fundamental questions: hardwares, softwares and human resources. Of the one not […]

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