That Is The Pneumatic Suspension In Cars

This type of suspension is being used for a few years especially in high-end vehicles. Air suspension bases its operation on the properties offered by the air pressure. In this suspension, mechanical spring (spring, crossbow or torsion bar) shall be replaced by a bellows or air cushion that varies its air suspension stiffness allows: adapting the bodywork to different heights according to the needs of running. Adapt the suspension and damping to the situation of the road while driving. It is characterized by its high flexibility, remarkable ability of damping of vibrations and the self-regulation of the system that allows you to maintain a constant distance between the chassis and the road surface regardless of the load present on the vehicle.The air suspension is a system complex and costly, since it integrates many components and need an installation of compressed air for its operation.

This suspension is used in commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, etc). Vehicles using this suspension have: Audi A8, Mercedes of the E-class, S, R, etc. and some all-terrain as the VW Touareg, the Range Rover and Audi Q7 among others.Air suspension can be applied both on the rear or integral shaft to the four wheels. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust may also support this cause. With this suspension height of the bodywork can be varied manually or automatically depending on the speed of the characteristics of the road surface and driving style. Connects or disconnects the suspension on telescopic legs with an additional air volume. Original author and source of the article

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