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Ha some important aspects for the daily one; the importance of the practical philosophy in educative and its beddings, the exploration of these aspects in the sample a new form to know what it argues and it reflects in the practical human being and the diverse dimensions, as well as: Social politics Existencial and Educativa these effect if give in the spirit and in the culture of a people, it fits to ask which is the first objective of the philosophical reflection, we saw saying and saying that it constitutes a type of knowledge that of the sensible o and guides the life, However, as it makes this and from that? Valley to stand out that no individual the social group at no moment lives without a set of concepts, that its form of existence and action means. The exercise of filosofar implies the conscientious explicit question for the direction of the things, therefore it is the reply that a society brings the double requirement to reflect critically and to explain theoretically, is a process to think about the reality, in the world in such a way that it unmasks the concepts and values that understand and direct they guide individual and social life. Of this agreement the social assistant must bring for its daily o metodolgico way of the exercise of filosofar, has, therefore one treads metodologicamente done in the historical process depends on each one understands it and to exercise it, in our daily one as necessary meditation, that the philosophy serves in them as a direction criticizes ahead for practical ours of the world and the life. Thus being the first thing to make it is to give account of the concepts and values that are explaining and directing practical ours, it does not have as to establish one it criticizes of our duties and values if we do not know it and not terms conscience that is they that is in informing our skill of being and to act.

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