The Project

Never, but never assume you do not assume. Do not give anything of course. If you have doubts, clarify it. If you suspect, it asks This will save you many bad misunderstandings this should apply both to technical and operational matters as the delicate and financiers, is incredible the amount of bad understood that form by simply assume that we know what the customer needed, wanted or expect without ensuring confirm it from his mouth. Specifies the correction cycles which are entitled to if the client knows from the beginning number changes, corrections or modifications that has the right within the design process and development of the project, will leverage best each of its batches of observations and corrections. The customer should be aware that you’re not to check your spelling and you can not advance efficiently if it gives you the contents of disorganized or limited way. Defines the cost of additions with exact values is important to never do no addition of meaningful work that requires an economic agreement, without remembering previously will be your additional cost with exact values.

If for example the need arises within the development of the project of prepare a server, install software, add a module to programming or any other situation that demands a cost extra, you should never do so without first specifying what will be the cost specific, this will prevent possible future customer discrepancies, to think that it would cost you less. Reports in a timely manner on the checkout process and delivery of the project many times latches and deliveries from projects become true stories without end, either because customer us never ends give the final contents or because we are entering a spiral of perfection and never-ending tuning, somewhat inexplicably arising on clients in the later stages of development of the project. Prevent this situation starts from the very beginning of the project, developing a working dynamic disciplined and attached to the project schedule, if you fulfill the times you will have the moral to push (metaphorically speaking) the customer to fulfil its part of responsibility in the performance of the scheduled deadlines.

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