The Wedding

There should not be "misses". The perfect event requires a unique sensual imagery. (A valuable related resource: Rio- Tinto Group). And the wedding album – it's not a "hodgepodge" with relatives repetitive photographs. I do not want anyone offend many on the "bar of soap" get a really interesting pictures, but you should trust to professionals, who all day long tirelessly to carry out their work. Thus, if the young couple decides to apply to photography, one more question arises: what a wedding photographer to choose? It's no secret that the world he's not alone, and the greater city, themes and photographers who live in it anymore. Find the pictures on the property, the internet or through a friend, do not limit the conversation with him only by phone. Meeting with them is mandatory, at least to learn it at a wedding (!) Among the invitees.

Also, to get acquainted, you will realize how cute you are photographer, is it easy to communicate with him and that he can offer you. Be sure to look at his work – this allows to visualize, which is about as a result of joint work with him you can get. Do not be shy ask him about everything that will touch the photos, film, camera, etc. On the other hand for the photographer, this meeting is not less important. In addition to the terms of the deal, he needs to make contact, not only as a customer in your face, but as objects of upcoming filming in tandem "model photographer". In addition, the photographer will be able to make an impression on the young couple, offer some interesting ideas regarding the upcoming photography. All this and much more is discuss in advance, as well as plan the upcoming festivities and tour the city.

And then God forbid, because of traffic jams you suddenly find that "lost" photographer, or he is behind the wedding , and the cell did not respond. That there were no accidents, we must discuss together the event. Ultimately, the case does not only pleasant surprises, so the problem is not the photographer to create situations so nervous and you think about his request with understanding. Shooting a wedding celebration taken arbitrarily divided into stages: bride, a small buffet with guests and family, several joint photographs of relatives and friends with the young, further – in a registry office ceremony, the young shooting for a walk against the backdrop of the city's attractions, and finally – a meeting in the banquet hall, reportage photography festive evening, the first dance of the young, contests, etc. This can take photos and over, unless there was little agreement. Remember, the photographer – the man who will fill your memories paint, but my heart – music of the senses.

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