Tierno Galvan

The wood frame house was built by Cellini, who worked at the time of Napoleon to the wealthy. On each pair of horse riding an officer in the uniform of the day and in front of the procession were two grooms, dressed to the "Federica". Amazed by the beauty of the "black angel" and support the roof caryatids. No doubt the coach is impressed me most. (The dummies were created such realism Fallas de Valencia teachers who seemed to breathe ..) Another of the most beautiful floats is the "Imperial", this was the last he made a service. It was moved that the remains of the Mayor of Madrid, Exc. Mr. Tierno Galvan.

My guide tells me that out of the museum was a nightmare, as well as its great weight, had to remove several pieces carefully and once completed the service put it back into its original location. A curious fact is the previous work that had to do with the wheels. As you can see images of wood is covered with iron and that iron is not out of place in the long run, they had to spend several days wetting to be fit in the metal liner. This was usually, but tells me they spent a lot of nerves until they saw that everything had gone perfectly. It is also the coach beautiful "Gothic" in purple, as it used to be used at the time of Lent at Easter. However, the "Gothic" White is an extreme delicacy. Chuck also white horses and as I have told you before was for the maidens and children. Curious is the "chariot" stove "with a roof and four sides are armed with a beveled edge glass Below is a comprehensive showcase of the different types of horse-drawn carriages, beginning with the simplest, which was intended to Charities and burials of the poor.

Look at the detail of the angels with outstretched hand begging.

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