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Why and is considered the best material for piano. – What sealer is applied in a box (and do it at all). The seal is easy to estimate. It is better, softer. Along the perimeter of the door leaf in contact with almost 5 meters seal. If it is hard, it will not be a solid fit. You just do not have enough strength to squeeze seal over its entire length, and assemblers as you install the lock latch that the door will be easy to close, but touch on all of the contact line will not, ie seal is, but the effect of it is almost there. The presence of even very high-quality sealer is not more costly door significantly, with a maximum one hundred rubles.

– Is it possible to install brush in the bottom end of door leaf, or if the door must be installed with a threshold – that is, whether the seller in the range of the threshold with a sealant. – Glass. Glazed door, compared to the deaf, has soundproofing is much worse. The more glass, – the worse. Acceptable sound insulation (about 20 Db) – if applied thick glass (6 – 7 mm) small size, takes no more 20% of the surface of the door. Even better performance when used instead of glass windows. Safety. In contrast to the standards of the United Europe, Russian regulations while not required to install a door shatterproof and tempered glass, so they are not subject to the requirements for doors, operating in children's institutions.

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