Valery Meladze

Pursuing the study of non-material science today, I can not but affect the extent to which this is an interesting and creative process. And the fact that the study of non-material science should not be allowed ignorant scoundrels and villains, God is absolutely right. Humanity must undergo a process called Apocalypse for cleaning their own consciousness under the threat of his own death in order to have a sufficiently high level of conscience. But at the beginning of the III-rd millennium people will be able to understand the difference between the threat of death and its inevitability. Therefore, those who will deal with their dark thoughts and consciousness, in the near future will no longer get along and will gain immortality, and those who is stubborn and who is still far from understanding what is faith, will continue to die and beyond.

That is the idea of God and that is its game scenario. And in this case, those people whose thoughts are actually addressed to God, it is easy to understand that God is difficult in this reproach. At the conclusion of the paper I would like to return to its name, the fact whether it is possible to believe that written in the article "The second birth of Jesus took place in Luhansk. Perhaps this will solve each of you own. In this article, I just helped each of you to once again ponder the fact that this story and whether it is from God. But those who believe not only in God but in themselves that faith in God tend to holy ideals, we can now advise the following: Stay for a while even a toy God. Imagine how you would would like to see our world, its continued development and existence. And if your dreams and aspirations in the form of thoughts necessarily reach God, and it is possible that he will make adjustments to your game scenario, thanks to you, and our regular cyclic parallel life, one of those, which sings in his song Valery , will be even better. After all, not for nothing that people say that people often himself is the Creator of their own destiny. "And this is connected with the fact that kingdoms, sects and religions with the passage of time will suffer so drastic changes that will become his own opposite, and if I opened them what happens to them in the future, the great and powerful of these kingdoms, sects, religions and faiths found to this future is so little suited to myself that would curse for centuries forward what can not be avoided and that future generations will be able to see and understand "(Michel Nostradamus).

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