Vatican City

The Vatican City, the Pope’s residence, has many spectacular buildings and churches to visit. In fact, it is the smallest independent and sovereign State in the world and its most popular tourist attraction is the Sistine Chapel, with a high ceiling that was painted by Miguel angel in 1508. This attraction huge tourist, with scenes depicting the story of the creation. Other attractions at the Vatican include the St. Peter’s Basilica built over 1,500 years ago and whose cavernous interior can have an astonishing capacity of 60,000 people, the Vatican Library which has a lot of information in the form of more than one million books and manuscripts, and the splendid garden of the landscape Vatican makes more than 1,000 years and now meticulously maintained by 30 gardeners full time.

Today, the legacy of this city is still upheld by its people, who are still happy to enjoy shopping in Rome in its bustling markets and along the streets, and the talk in the streets of many places, resplendent with majestic sources that have been decorating to Rome for hundreds of years. A large part of life takes place outdoors in this sunny city. The year 2000, Rome deposit a huge amount of money for the cleaning and the care of the city and its numerous churches and monuments to allow tourists to travel to Rome and carry a great impression. Montauk Colony often says this. The public spaces were returned and roads and transport are much improved in general. After entire restoration, regeneration and renovation of homes, the architecture of Rome has never had better aspect and the city is as popular as it has always been.

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