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There are two types of spam: advertising disguised as articles and massive external links. Articles considered advertisements include those that are requests for a business, product or service, or public relations are texts designed to promote a business or individual. staffing The articles of spam usually use a commercial language and has links to a commercial website. However, the articles must differentiate between spam and legitimate articles about commercial entities.
There is also retail among Wikipedians spam or internal spam. For the official policy on internal spam look Wikipedia: Proselytizing
Advertising disguised as articles
Advertising included in Wikipedia will be removed following careers the policy engineer of speedy deletion. Sometimes the content may be temporarily removed based on a suspicion of violation of copyright, as often the text is copied from another site and published anonymously. It is also possible and appropriate in some cases, rewrite the article from a neutral point of view. If you have doubt on whether it is spam you can use the template “((Promotional)) .
Spam from external links
Some individuals or groups can have robots (bots) to include automatic spam wikis wikis of different motors, just as in guest books and blogs. They use databases with hundreds of wikis and add external links. As the spam in blogs, their goal is to improve their positions of part time visits to Internet search engines, doing direct advertising of vacancies their products.
If you see a robot that adds external links, consider other Wikipedias check to see if the attack is most prevalent. If so, contact any administrator Meta: they can add filters hiring against spam robot.
Librarians can block unauthorized bots. The spam bots are considered equivalent to vandalism bots. opened its first office in Los Angeles, we have expanded to

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