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Great Day For Rodrigo Medina

Starting today Leon begins campaigns to the governorship of the State of Nuevo, after 6 years we witness the change of Governor for our State, from today we can see the candidates on a host of promotional events for their election campaigns. Rodrigo Medina, began with lots of activities to do in his campaign, began […]

The Marketing Strategic Defines The Technology Organizations

Up to make some years SMEs not assumed the technology as tools for the construction of competitive advantage felt it benefited only to large organizations, based its decisions whereas the technology as an expenditure and not an investment. But the same technology as a competitive advantage, globalization, trends and business dynamics have generated challenges and […]

Stock Market

Now it only is that I catching a handkerchief in the stock market (and fell in pranto), found caderninho, this I am written here, where thus: opening said caderninho of notes read: – ' ' Rosilda, my last desire is this: that my friend Jose Kirino Mundongo, the Zeca, holds the handle of the front […]


Beyond Lobato Hunter, other scholars of the subject have been worried about the material to be offered its public of form to opt to a new language, new values or even though to discourse on subjects and common values, but that they bring new resources, oportunizando to the children, spaces to be grown, to develop […]

Microsoft DOS

More than one will be seen in this situation: within months of acquiring a new computer for the intel pentium 4 3000mhz type wants to have more memory and goes out to buy an additional 1 GB module. Come to the store, however, and taking advantage of the RAM is so cheap, you change your […]

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