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Gols of letter As elect country to host the Pantry of the World of 2014, Brazil if submitted to a series of requirements to take care of to the interests of the FIFA, having if compromised in all fulfilling a cronograma foreseen in the notebook of incubencies of the maximum entity of the soccer. It will not be easy task, therefore it will demand on the part of the private sector, and with aid of the government, financial resources to bank a gigantic infrastructure. Pride is with, that the governors if show when giving redundant declarations and speaking of the profits that will have its states and the proper country, if projecting as capable nation of such taken over on a contract basis. After all, it is the country of the soccer! It is a land where the princes and kings are born, superabundando in genius and glamour After all, case would be a tremendous historical distortion Brazil did not organize plus a pantry in its territory! It would be as Rome without a Pope, or the soccer without a Skin, a Garrincha, a Ronaldo, a Maradona What it would hinder the government in improving the road mesh, it constructed esportivas squares, without necessarily having that to submit itself to such requirements? What it hinders the politicians to carry through improvements before the pantry or after it? In short, she is necessary to make gols, so that the governing if mobilize in the direction to create conditions to transform the chaotic situation of the highways, of the ports and airports, in logistic an efficient one. The government wants to show for the world all the potential that we have, to take care of to the FIFA, only to it! They had needed the entity to speed up workmanships, white elephants that later, will be for history. Ah, who gives effort all was in the direction to improve public education, generating education, eradicating poverty, forming doctors, forming technician, people with auto esteem, living worthy, and Marking gols of letter.

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