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Is it possible to reduce the cost of air travel? In our space age to keep pace with the fleeting time, more and more passengers enjoy the offerings of Aeroflot, the price of this service is significant, whether it is possible to buy cheaper? Thus, a list of recommendations for purchasing tickets at reduced rates and in fact, whether you need to do before the flight booking flights? Urgent buying tickets – it's not cheap, planned in advance – much cheaper. The desire to save – of course for all passengers, for this reason that bought cheap tickets and selling out fast enough. We advise to make your reservation for 2 – 3 months, and in case the flight will be held during the holidays, then 3-4 months before travel. You on any aspects of canceled their flight? You have purchased tickets to a low-cost non-refundable. Be very careful: chasing low rates, you risk paying the full cost of the ticket again. Buy tickets at both ends, it saves you money, since the discount is offered on both tickets. Do not forget that the ticket price immediately changed from the day of the week. For the weekend – it's expensive, most small price – on Thursdays.

Registration cards is usually 2 hours before departure, but being late for a flight, you risk not to receive any discount (it You have been granted even when ordering tickets), but not in principle be allowed on the plane. There are discounts for students and certain fees. Order tickets at special rates, including possible for lecturers. If teacher accompanying a group of pupils or students of more than 5 people, then he is given preferential ticket. It is only necessary to specify which airline will provide preferential price.

Airlines offer a 25% discount for children in age from 2 to 11ti years. For babies under 1 year – 90% (no separate seat at the hands of the parents). The airline must inform you of the time. When can I get a discount ticket. This may be a week to three weeks. Advance booking is required to raze it. Certain companies offer reduced rates only when you come back no later than next weekend. Airfare increase If you hold. Collaborate with the airline, which offers a better system of discounts and bonus programs. Do you have a chance to order a ticket for free, a gift for the airline presents an active, organized by the passenger, which was attended due to the number of bonuses.

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