Real life gives us inner peace and certainty, that enrich quality of life to the person. Understand, analyze, and live the day gives internal security and fascination. This is the path to the Kingdom of God, as every person is only guest in this land. If young people think that they have many years to reflect on life and old age, it would be advisable to occasionally reflect on that for each will be the hour in which the soul will depart from Earth. No one knows when that moment will come if it will be in the years of youth or old age. Who consider this, already in the years of youth will be asked what means the grow and mature spiritually.

Jesus gave to young and older an invaluable aid that anyone can understand and practice: what you don’t want done to you, don’t be do it nor you anyone. The life of who take into account this great ruler for life, integrates it in their way of thinking and behaving, making that model this becomes your life, it will be a life rich in experiences. The senses, the mood and the style of life of who adhere to this teaching, Iran becoming thinner. In your world of thoughts will be then revealed the wisdoms of life that make life richer. Persons who apply this rule for life never will be devoid of home, and in old age will not become sad nor bitter, waiting for the hour of his death.

It is natural law ending youth. However, being juvenile is typical of older people who understood that aging in any case means being old and wither in any case mean feeble-mindedness in his youth. Although over the years the force of the body go ceding, the eternal spirit is not affected by this. Original author and source of the article.

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