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The Syria forces of security abrieron fire during protests in Syria locality of Hama. They calculate that 100,000 people went out. The protests against the regime of A Asad also have taken place in the east of the country, where eight deceaseds have entered themselves. At least thirty people died this Friday by the firings of the forces of security against demonstrators in the Syria locality of Hama, according to a competing group. The organization the Syria Revolution against Bachar to Asad showed in Facebook a list with the names of the deceaseds this Friday in Hama and aimed that the area hospitals are lost the control of the situation by the lack of blood and material to treat urgencies. Previously, other competing groups had spoken among fifteen and 24 died by the repression of the forces of security in Hama.

The denominated Local Committees of Coordination in Syria aimed that at the moment the hospital To the Horani de Hama has received about forty corpses with firings in the head and the neck. In declarations to the television network catar To the Jazeera, one of the neighbors of Hama, Abu Faisal, indicated that the ctivos of security shot with machine guns against the demonstrators. According to Faisal, the 700,000 inhabitants whom that locality has, 100,000 went out this Friday to protest against the regime of Bachar to Asad. On the other hand, another neighbor Ahmad Husein affirmed that he could count in the hospitals more than thirty died and hurt hundreds of and assured that the manifestation always was pacific. Husein emphasized that the security forces shot in the street and from roofs to matador and wreck against the demonstrators with automatic weapons and machine guns. Eight died more in the east Also, Deir Zur, in the east, at least eight people were killed and 25 were wounds, among them several serious ones, by the repression of the security bodies. Syria Asad in the baptized one like &quot celebrated east Friday a new day of protests against the regime of A; Friday of the children of the Libertad" , in tribute to the minors passed away during the popular revolts, initiates a half-full of past March. Thousands of Syrians have gone out in several localities, in spite of the haltings and to the unfolding of the tanks of the Army. More than thousand demonstrators they have passed away from the beginning of the protests that have intensified and extended by several cities of Syria. Source of the news: At least 30 died in center of Syria in a new day of protests, according to a NGO

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