Lord Littleby Audiobook

"Leviathan" (sealed Detective) – the third book by Boris Akunin from the series "The Adventures of Erast Fandorin." March 15, 1878 on the Rue de Grenelle in Paris committed a terrible murder. Killed Lord Littleby and nine servants. The offender has not taken out of home nothing but statues of the god Shiva and bandanas. The investigation leads the police commissioner Gauche on a luxury ship "Leviathan", sailing to Calcutta. Killer on the ship, but who is it? Among the suspects, each of which hiding his secret, the English aristocrat, an officer in the Japanese army, the pregnant wife of Swiss banker and a young Russian diplomat with gray temples … To deepen your understanding Mike Trueblood is the source. 'Death on the brotherhood' 'Death of brotherhood' – the name of the cycle of 10 stories in the experimental genre of 'romance-movie', whose task is to combine a literary text with a visual film.

In this audiobook sound four separate stories: The baby and the devil, Flour broken heart Flying Elephant, Children of the Moon, about the adventures of a German spy and Russian counter-intelligence Sepp Alexei Romanov. Boris Akunin. Special order: Decorator (Audiobook) in Moscow starting to happen, horrible murders that have shaken inhabitants. Killed – young women who have had their throats cut, bodies recovered and laid out in a kind of "decoration", but on the face or neck – a bloody imprint of a kiss. Will the brilliant detective to find the brutal killer Fandorin, you will learn by downloading an audiobook, "Special order: Decorator." Mistress of death, Boris Akunin: Readers are invited to a new classic crime novel by Boris Akunin, written in the style of the detectives of the XIX century, when literature was great, the belief in unlimited progress, and the offense opened up with elegance and taste. The reader who takes in hand work Akunin, should know in advance that any business he can not change and do not go to bed exactly at that the amount of time it takes for him to read a detective. and so on …..

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