Loyola Participation

The construction of the collective work is encircled with values that surpass the walls of the school and involve the reality as a whole, thus, the collective one in the school must strengthen the collective one in the social context. One of the requirements that if make necessary to a collective work is the clarity that the pertaining to school community must have of the real situation of its school, characteristic this conquered in long stated period. It is fruit of a process of planning and a way for the elaboration it project pedagogical politician whom she needs to be incorporated to the action of each educator. When participation does not exist can occur a process of spalling of the different looks on the school, that is, the school is seen and lived deeply for not necessarily it corresponds to that one analyzed and lived deeply by others. The due discernment must be made so that the class action does not fall in contradiction destroying ideal constructed by the set. Divergent positions on the problems of the school must inside be argued of the ethical limits, taking advantage the respect to the difference, making possible a dialogue that values collective proposals for the improvement of the quality politics, pedagogical and administrative of the school. The diversity of participation forms and the intensity with that it is exerted correspond to the degree of identification and comprometimento of the group.

Solidarity, reciprocity and the commitment is the values that justify the participation in the collective work of the school. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES AGUIAR, Mrcia ngela of the S; NAURA Syria Carapeto (Org.). For where the orientation and the educational supervision go. Collection Teaching, Formation and Pedagogical Work. Campinas, SP: Papirus, 2002.

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