Organic Coconut Oil

Native organic products from fresh coconuts, coconut products belong to the King class of oils and fats, and they really do us good: we use your fat for cooking and baking and for the manufacture of personal care products. Their milk is excellent for the preparation of exotic dishes and refreshing drinks mixing. The coconut oil is also used the production of bio-diesel fuels. Organic coconut oil coconut oil in the kitchen and as alternative fuel is pure, clear and has a mild, aromatic taste. “In the production of coconut oil, the seal of a bio” bears, may have been put up no chemical process. Coconut oil is used also for the production of biodiesel. The alternative fuel has been already successfully employed for vehicles in 1938 on a bus line in Belgium (from Brussels to Leuven). Coconut oil is a whitish yellow vegetable oil, which is characterized by a high proportion of saturated fat called coconut oil or coconut oil.

Organic coconut oil is rich in Lauric -, Capryl and Myristinsauren. The world’s largest producers are the Netherlands, France and Germany. Insert the raw material for organic coconut oil for further processing. The U.S. A.97’>International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. import mostly finished coconut oil. The products of coconut milk is since used the trend to use the coconut milk in the health-conscious cuisine, originates from Asia thousands of years.

There (as well as in Africa and Latin America), the fruit of the coconut tree is used for many millennia. Also in our latitudes especially the meat of the coconut is used in addition to the oil and milk for generations, likes sweets and Christmas bakery. Organic coconut oil is obtained by drying the dried meat, or kernel of coconut (the copra”), crushed and juicing with mills. The proportion of coconut oil on the worldwide used vegetable oils is approximately three percent. World’s largest supplier of bio, the Philippines is coconut oil. You export more than 15 million tons Coconuts food and raw material source for tropical paradises the coconut palm is synonymous with slowing down. It characterizes the image from long sandy beaches to tropical coasts and turquoise-blue sea. The coconut palms are an important source for food and the production of materials for the inhabitants of this paradise. The fruits serve the production of food and drinks, and the wood is used as a building material. The leaves of the Palm are used for construction of roofs in the weaving of baskets and as fuel. Conclusion: coconut oils are so very precious oils, which are used not only in the kitchen but find use also in the cosmetics and fuel production. This renewable resource is an important source of income for some countries of the world and useful elixir for others.

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