In conclusion, our television-consumer trilogy, will talk about what to consider when buying a tv based on plasma display panel. Large (and sometimes very large) diagonal size, familiar to TVs crt imaging luminous phosphor, deep blacks, high contrast and excellent color rendition – the indisputable advantages that attract buyers. As in previous articles in the cycle, not dwell on the technology of plasma panels, which we have repeatedly mentioned, but consider these technologies defined features, influencing the choice of the tv with the purchase. One such feature was that make the plasma panel full HD-1920×1080 format proved to be difficult. In the middle of last year there was a lot of rumors and gossip about it. Continue to learn more with: Riki Lindhome on the Big Bang Theory. On the assumptions that the pdp will take only budget or economy niche sd formats (more ed * – format 9h16) to rumors of impossibility or otherwise of the production of hd tv panels due to extreme cost.

But technology is not standing still and on the market today have already appeared Ninth-generation plasma panels. Obvious advantages. Unlike a crt, a plasma tv, as in the lcd, the problem of information-rays or violation of the geometry of the image 'not as a class. " They do not flicker like CRTs with frequency update frequency is 50 Hz. To know more about this subject visit Rebecca Shaw Family. The absence of a backlight takes three problems at once: uneven brightness, limited viewing angles and a lack of depth in black. By indicators such as response time and contrast images of the plasma better than lcd.

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