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Information, tips and Hinwesie to the disability insurance the disability protection agree many experts and industry insiders, the disability insurance (BU) is one of the most important insurance companies at all. This says also Axel Kleinlein federally insured and indicates the BU is one of the few insurance companies to its conclusion we expressly advise. Who can no longer exercise his profession for at least 6 months due to an illness or an accident, for the BU jumps in and pays a monthly disability pension of the insured person. However, it is not always easy to find an optimal occupational disability insurance because many insurers offer policies that offer some disadvantages for the insured. So the term is clearly too short often or the tariff is so expensive, that it is affordable at least people just for that. You may want to visit matt roberts to increase your knowledge.

Axel Kleinlein the insurer therefore urges, to think a little more in terms of the general public and the disability insurance for all people to make them accessible. He calls for more transparency and affordable prices. Still, Kleinlein calls uniform acceptance guidelines as well as a transparent costing of posts. Currently the post using 4 different criteria are calculated. One of the applicant’s State of health is captured in a health examination (see: bu – health questions). There are pre-existing conditions, this negative affect on the amount of the contributions of the insured. The next criterion is then the height of the BU pension.

Here applies: the higher the monthly pension, the higher the contribution to disability insurance. Lastly, the age also plays an important role. Who is already against a disability insurance at a young age, the benefits from relatively low contributions rising age. Although the State offers also an option in the event of occupational disability the general disability pension offers limited services on the breadline. Who was also born after January 1st, 1961, has no The general disability pension entitlement. The general disability pension pays only a maximum 30% of previous gross income and this while in the case even a disability of 100 percent. A manual comparison of the individual provider is thereby often almost impossible. Many insurers differ in the services or the price. In addition, it is often difficult to survey the market and to include all available policies and rates in the comparison for lay people. Therefore, it is recommended either perform a comparison of online, or to find a local insurance expert and to instruct these police with making a matching BU.

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