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South American Business Forum FAR Hello, I wanted to ask why you think that my article South American Business Forum is irrelevant Is about a unique organization in Argentina that gathers every year more students from 40 countries. It is not propaganda, but simply to Information Resources. Many people would refer to wikipedia to verify the accuracy of these events! I hope your answer! Thank you! (Talk) FAR, I have ed the article South American Business Forum and obviously other people did too. Added references and clarified and expanded information. Either way I will defend it because I think you are wrong to consider it a mere lecture. This is a business forum organized by university students and for college students, emulating a model hardly used. In the world there must be at most 5 of these forums (there are in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. as far as I know).It differs from the thousands of your appointments for conferences to gain entry to the Forum students write an essay that is judged by prominent people outside the organization, and seeks nuclear ‘future leaders with the leaders of today. Not on any side for 3 days together 100 students from around the world with 40 personalities, with the sole purpose of exchanging ideas and create change. Well, I think it’s an event that deserves to be on Wikipedia.

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