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Miner sings, on the other hand, he represents an authentic social chronicle of the daily thing, memory of that traumatic experience that will cause the mine in this sense, flamenco miner and flamenco gypsy will have common difficult vital circumstances, that they will differentiate from flamenco more popular, result of those different ways of life. The miner of Levante Murcian Andalusian and will be of origin farmer, customary to work, therefore, open-cast, for that reason he undergoes the tragedy of the dark of the well like no other mining town. Really, the diverse social conditions that will support to the layers flamencas will influence decisively in the development of sings jondo, true vital reflection of the same. Art or no, the flamenco one is mainly elevated like human and sociological witness of the life of a whole town that, by its specific historical and musical circumstances will illuminate a musical expression musician-existential we have before called it that, even, will extend its limits to enter itself deeply in the human.

1.3. Confusion between the popular Andalusian and national Spanish . andalucinacin The flamenco one, like other so many elements of the culture Andalusian, strictly Andalusian, has suffered during the last century and still today a permanent attempt of trivialising, fossilisation or even prostitution, in order to unload it of its strong implicit potential like expression of the social existence pressed that the denominated classes have undergone Andalusian, and to differentiate it like one of the main markers of the etnicidad Andalusian. By diverse reasons, the Andalusian has happened to represent the essential signs of identity of the supposed Spanish nation, with the consequent negation of own Andalusia the rotten notion of Andalusia, essence of Spain and homogenization of the national panorama..

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