The Osaga

The filter is completely closed and has 1 input and 1 output (depending on specification). The water flows with the same pressure from the filter output as it is fed into the filter input. This filter used to operate one often streams. The filter can be positioned below the watercourse and pumps the water from the filter output to the higher stream using a hose. Zeolite filter sponges lava stone filter media bio blocks Japan mats a powerful pond pump can circulate the pond easily even in the hour and ensures therefore that the water is cleaned. They use sure but that an energy-saving pump. Many pumps have a high power consumption but are cheap to purchase. The purchase price will not be count but is in time with the current cost and you are probably still pay.

The oasis of Aquamax pumps are energy saving but to purchase something more expensive. The low power consumption you have covered but again the cost for less time. The Osaga pond pumps have also low power consumption, and are a good alternative to the OASIS pond pumps. To operate a Brook, sure how high a pond pump can promote the water. Some pumps have a high flow rate, can overcome but only a small difference in height. Make sure therefore always on the pump characteristics. These show exactly how high the pump can promote the water. The Aquamax OASIS has a capacity of 15600 liters / hour 16000 eco premium for example.

Should the pump however 3 feet tall promote water, then ultimately less than 6600 litres / hour would get up. Notice is also still is always measured from water surface. Should the pond pump one meter below the water level and the water highly promote 3 meters from the water surface, so be not with 4 meters calculated, but only with 3 meters. Only from water surface. Shaw Parents brings even more insight to the discussion. For more information around the pond technology, you will soon. You can us but also under: contact. We like to help you.

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