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Loewe is doubtless one of the most exclusive companies within the world of the fashion, and perhaps for that reason not only their clothes but also their complements are adored by many women, especially, his bolsosque every season surprises with designs that certainly, are not within reach of all like which for example it has sent recently for this year and where jewels in each of their models are included. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey Hayzlett. Only days ago, we found out that Loewe had been associated with the jewel designer Katie Hillier to be able to send to its collection of spring-summer 2011 with one slight variety since although the company/signature is characterized to already include its famous padlock in each of susbolsos, in this new collection that in addition will be limited, has been decided to replace the detail of the padlock by different jewels that in addition will have animal forms. Realised in skin, the purses of Loewe are always distinction signal, and is that we cannot avoid to make mention to its price that usually is always grazing 1,000 Euros and even can get to reach the 2,000, due coverall to the exclusive feature of their launchings and that to many of their collections are of limited editions.

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