Bremen Organic Seal

Eco flag law applies not only to food may with the so-called “bio seal” was marked and placed on the market be feed for pets. The eco flag law applies not only to food. The State of Bremen had a company which produces animal feed for pet animals and these with the eco indicator referred to in 1 eco flag law (“Bio seal” marks, the distribution of these products is prohibited. The action brought against the decision of the company in the Bremen Administrative Court had success. The company must use the eco indicator for pet food, as long as only the conditions were met for the EU eco-regulation. This was not disputed in the decided case. The eco flag law applies not only to food. Such a restriction will not take the law. In addition, the ban violates the EU eco-regulation directly applicable in the Member States. VG Bremen, judgment of the 15th September 2011 (AZ.: 5 K 558 / 11 other articles in the field of legal and tax) see: articles #article_70 free of charge legal question write out under: reverse_auction_wizard/new_or_template contact: LAWMARKET UG limited liability Erich Kalkan coat Ulmenstrasse 6 73460 Huttlingen Tel: + 49 (0 7361 / 8292507 fax: + 49 (03221 2329940))

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