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Replacement Money

Finally, your dream has come true and you are the owner of brand new car. But, as everyone knows, before you start driving around proudly in the city and its environs, it will take, as usual, vehicle registration, that is, setting to register with the traffic police. This inevitable process many see as a guaranteed […]


Application condenser ignition systems, in addition, provides additional benefits: higher steepness of high-voltage pulse makes the system insensitive to contamination of candles that will reduce the complexity of care, life Candles increases; unloaded ignition coil (the average current through its primary winding is reduced almost 10 times); condenser ignition systems are more economical than the […]

Chrysler PT Cruiser

In 1985-89 'Chrysler' develops small fuel-efficient cars in collaboration with the 'Mitsubishi Motors' and 'Reno'. Introduced in 1986 Le Baron to stay on ameriknskom market only six years. Chrysler Stratus / Cirrus, the successor model LeBaron, was first introduced in Detroit and Los Angeles in January 1994. From 1988 comes a series of trucks and […]

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