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Chlorine was the way invented by DuPont in 1950 for the production of rutile titanium dioxide. This method involves high-temperature phase of the reaction. Titaniferous ore reacts with chlorine gas at reduced pressure to form titanium tetrachloride TiCl4 and impurity chlorides of other metals, which are subsequently removed. TiCl4 high degree of purity and then […]

Russian Products

At the present time to develop textile products for farm use as a raw material used stabilized polypropylene fiber, which occupies a leading position in this area. Its products are successfully competing with the well-known to all plastic wrap. For even more opinions, read materials from Seth Meyers IMDb. The development of modern technology is […]

Outdoor Advertising

Whatever it was, everyone in his life regularly confronted with the manufacture of outdoor advertising. This is occurring at every step of the illuminated signs with lots of additional features (such as illuminating neon), and various kinds of metal (by the way, manufacturing of metal is also included in the scope of companies involved in […]


Although it is estimated that Nature uses CO2 to produce more than 200 billion tons of glucose per year through a process photosynthesis, specialists in synthetic chemistry have made virtually no effect in the development of efficient catalytic processes that use this raw material is interesting. Activation and use carbon dioxide as a source of […]

Update Effective Marketing Costs Time Brings Success

International marketing promotes business growth and stability Seekirch, 24.6.2013 marketing means first and foremost: worldwide contact to market segments, distribution partners and potential customers, from the first contact to customer care – so best focus on the customers. PR and advertising ‘ make only about 15% of our marketing activities. Target groups and potential: Want […]

Coca Cola

As proof in the case of insurance, each customer must submit his proof of purchase or a copy. A withdrawal without proof of purchase is not possible. Conclusion: It is actually snowing, customers must demand their money within a certain period of time. Approximately four weeks after the end of the promotion the customer of […]

Retail Locations

1. Smile when greet clients in person and by phone (yes, they can tell whether you smile even on the phone!). 2. Use age-appropriate greeting. 3. Be proactive and ask how you can be helpful. 4. Stay visible and accessible, but do not strain your client. It is economically expedient course. 5. Do not turn […]

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