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Diana Arbenina

" And in my shoes is still Cuban sand " – once the lead singer sang "Night snipers" Diana Arbenina. Indeed, thrills of the trip to Cuba, please more than one year. Clear water, many beaches, beautiful plants, but at the same time, the socialist system, the poverty of local people and life, a mark […]

Industry Processes

Later the field was made a visit where the beginning of the system was verified> of treatment of effluent and the mouth of the mine. To have the chance to be part of the routine of one of the biggest companies of the sector in the whole world, nor that it is for some hours, […]

Individual Process

Transformations are considered as ways of translating. The interpreter selects the best translation. From the viewpoint of the interpreter translated regarded as a heuristic process in which, using a set of techniques, solved a number of creative tasks. In general, the text is a broad context in which the realized values of all the linguistic […]

Food Processor

Food processor – controlled by a combination of buttons, motor, operating a bowl and a set of nozzles. Each of these components determines its functionality. The main parameter, which is responsible for the motor – it is speed. Simple models have the same speed. More expensive – 4 or more. Speed range is from 15 […]

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