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The limits of size. Mass production & globalisation – but only as long as ecological and social aspects according to be considered (in the long run). When researching many professionals with specific expertise and must develop in order to be able to produce a product and even if certain, elaborate production technologies are required, that […] Spend The Holidays At Australia

A holiday on the Gold Coast is a great alternative to let the old year with style and to celebrate Christmas in the toasty-warm climate of the southern hemisphere Singapore (13 November 2013) provides currently offers along Australia’s coast, one of the most beautiful regions of the continent, and therefore perfect for suitable, there […]

Committee Travelers

The coming years will be characterized by low-cost, Web-based and mobile solutions (apps), which directly addressed the passengers. There are also the further development of loyalty programs with the corresponding direct customer communication as well as direct links (direct connect) between airlines and individual travel agency chains. This contributes to the atomization of the market. […]

Pablo Freire

Of this form, the reader to if pointing out in the act to read, have the notion of that the exercise of its conscience regarding the written text not objective the simple act to memorize, but understanding and criticizing from a reflection. He is this to place itself that he assures the liberating character of […]

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