Food Processor

Food processor – controlled by a combination of buttons, motor, operating a bowl and a set of nozzles. Each of these components determines its functionality. The main parameter, which is responsible for the motor – it is speed. Simple models have the same speed. More expensive – 4 or more.

Speed range is from 15 to 12000 rpm. High speeds – for grinding, and low – for mixing. Working bowl combine made of plastic, glass and less metal (the latter are good for meat). Bowls spoil often (crashes, fighting), so selling spare bowl. You can purchase additional capacity for different types of dishes (meat and pastry, for example). This is very useful when preparing several dishes at once (no need to frantically wash the cup after stuffing to beat three eggs for the cake).

Also very convenient, when the cup made of impact-resistant and heat-resistant glass, then it can be put on the fire and continue to cook (eg, dressing). Important parameter – the capacity of the bowl. Different general and the working volume. For each type of product it is yours. For example, a bowl of 1.5 liters is designed to process 2.1 kg of dry product, 1.5 liters, 765 g of dough mixing, per 250 grams of flour. Many processors can not process small volumes, so pay attention to the requirements for the minimum volume of downloadable products. Power It should match the volume of the bowl and combine the amount of processed product in one step.

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