Diana Arbenina

" And in my shoes is still Cuban sand " – once the lead singer sang "Night snipers" Diana Arbenina. Indeed, thrills of the trip to Cuba, please more than one year. Clear water, many beaches, beautiful plants, but at the same time, the socialist system, the poverty of local people and life, a mark that stood still on the figure of 1959. All this – Cuba, which can rightly be called a country of contrasts. The choice of Cuban souvenirs – a simple matter. Need to bear in mind that there are customs restrictions, strictly regulating the export of goods.

So, cigars can be brought to 50 the number of pieces (usually 2 packs), alcoholic drinks up to 2 liters per person. Buying products made of crocodile skin, you will need to ask the seller to give you a license. The same applies to other products made from skins of exotic animals. In addition, it is necessary to have check for yourself, because many souvenirs are produced and sold illegally. Also be careful when buying art and antiques. The painting, purchased by you should be legalized, otherwise you will have to pay for themselves costs related to its legalization and removal from the country.

If the age of antiquities over 40 years, it is considered the cultural heritage of Cuba and can not be exported to other countries. The rest, as they say, it all depends on your opportunities and, of course, fantasy. What to bring? Cuban cigars are known around the world.

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