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Appearance of the site is large enough value, along with search engine optimization and usability. Attractive appearance creates a favorable impression on visitors, but it is difficult please everyone, because tastes and preferences vary widely. If the site has regular visitors, it would be nice to give them a choice of style site that best matches their views. Choosing a style once the user each time you visit the site will view it in a form that he likes. If there are several styles increases the likelihood that more visitors will find the most suitable style.

In addition, it should be noted that many people enjoy the process of style change, which demonstrates their willingness to follow their wishes. Although we must admit that many visitors will not change style, even if they are not entirely satisfied with the default layout, so as not accustomed to such actions or simply do not see any point in the extra effort. Changing styles may also be useful for implementing full support for different browsers. For each group of browsers can connect a separate identity, such as the modern versions use the additional elements of design with advanced features not supported by older versions. There is also a possibility of having a separate identity for mobile phones, which are increasingly used for web browsing. In addition, much easier to develop a style of printing, but not make copies of pages just for them to be printed. Change the look of the site is simple enough, and when you create virtually any site it is recommended to lay into him this opportunity.

You can acquainted with the example of changing styles on the relevant website page web studio e-KAO. At the time of this writing, there are eight styles that show different approaches to building Web pages. Some styles do not too easy to use, as are for demonstration purposes only and not for everyday work.

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