Citibank From 01 October To Up To 5.00 Percent With The Fixed-term Deposit

With effect from October 1, 2008, Citibank offers investors 5 percent interest on the deposit for 12 months. As of October 1, 2008 new rates apply for offering fixed-term deposits in Citibank. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rio- Tinto Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. Obviously, the Institute, after the sale by its parent company to the French Credit Mutuel tries to attract new deposits with customers. Given the current financial crisis, banks such as Citibank need these deposits, because is the flow of money in the interbank market as well as dried up. Savers, however, looking for safe investments in view of the current situation and can be found at the deposit.

With its 5.00 percent with a maturity of 12 months Citibank has a convincing argument that investors put their money there. It offers not only this time, but one, the customer can choose seven days to six years. The interest rates for the most important terms might refer to interested investors of the following page: citibank festgeld.html. as fixed-term deposit offer has another advantage. Who firmly put his money today for twelve months, the earned interest gets distributed in 2009.

Thus, the interest income earned above the savers tax credit of only the lump-sum withholding tax of 25 per cent are subject to plus solidarity surcharge. The investors put his money on a day money account, at least an interest payment would be in 2008, which would then be taxed above the savers tax credit with the personal tax rate of no more than 45 percent (also plus solidarity surcharge). The bottom line a Festgeldanlage such as the Citibank benefits currently only: high security through membership in the backup system of the Association of deutscher Banken e.V. and in subsequent insurance of up to EUR 243,89 million per customer and attractive interest rates, savers and investors alike away from the turbulent stockmarket grow their assets can have that. Daniel Franke

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