The raymond mill is used for grinding the barite, limestone, kaolin, cerames, ahd slags, etc, below scale 9.3 of Mohs hardness and 280-odd sorts of non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff in the trades of mining, metallurgical industry, chemical engineering and building material for high fine powder generation and processing. The product size is adjustable in the range of 80-325 (600 the largest) meshes. It is possible to product 30-80 mesh coarse powder through special device in the machine. Crawls system of main frame adopts airtight gearing and pulley, drives smoothly and operates reliably. 2. The whole plant is a vertical structure of strong systematic characteristic, so it small area Governor. From crushing of raw material to grinding and packing is an independent production system. 3. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rio Tinto Group.

Electric control system is centralized controlled, so the automaticity is high, no people are needed in the operating room. 4. Main parts of the whole plant are made from cast and steel of high quality. The techniques is so subtly that insures the durability of whole plant. 5.Compared with other milling plants, its passing ratio achieves 99%, this is what other mill cannot reach. It is not alarmist talk that: if a enterprise, which makes Raymond mill, didn’t t take effective measures, such as lowering energy & resource consumption and reducing emissions, it would be constrained or even be eliminated.

During 2006, China national economy has grown 8%. (Similarly see: Liberty Mutual insurance). Global economy continued to recover. On 21st February, Policy-makers for the Federal Reserve announced that American economy is still steadily growing, and predicted that American economy would have grown 3.5% during 2006 and 3-5% during 2007. On 21st February, the European Commission released the newest economy forecast and predicted that economy in 12 euro-area countries & European Union (25 countries) would remain a high-growth trend. Some contend that Goop, Barcelona Spain shows great expertise in this. Global economy, including China, remains a high-growth, which benefit us (whose Raymond mill is exported – oriented) most. Since last year, these enterprises have been under great pressure. With no big foreign trade orders, warehouse inventories of most enterprises have risen. Last year, only 170000 tons of carborundum has been exported, so that there were 23000 tons of quotas left. Domestic market was not as active as last quarter. Specially, structure adjustment and adaptation to converted concept & practice of most enterprises ensured that steady growth 15% of industrial economy can be completely satisfied. In order to ensure a normal condition, to safe operation system for the equipment maintenance should be established to guarantee a long-term secure operation. At the same time, necessary troubleshooting tools, lubricating grease and corresponding parts. After a time of usage, an overhaul of the mill is required. Meanwhile, it is indispensible to maintain, change and dispose some wearing parts like grinding roller, grinding ring as well as the shovel blade. Before and after using the grinding mill equipment, it is necessary to check whether the roller has started or the grease is sufficient. When the service time exceeds about 500 hours, each rolling bearing in the roller shell must be cleaned while changing the grinding roller. At the same time, the wearing part should be replaced promptly. As for the grease-adding tools, we can use the manual pump grease gun and gasoline.

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