Codependency is a form of relationship established in those who do not have a low self-esteem. They try to be a few wives or exemplary couples, a few wonderful mothers, but basically what encouraging are severe dependency relationships. People who are codependent are alert to what they do or do not do others: parents, couples, siblings, friends, but are unable to realize their way of doing things in life. They live in the outdoors, consider their problems others provoke them and are not responsible for their own actions. Really if you are a codependent person your forms and styles of relationship, are aimed to: – control and – direct: the codependent want and need others to act according to what you are asking them, if this does not happen, we adopt the role of victims and try to blame everyone for their so irresponsibly Act.

You want to control it all, and all is everything. -keep an eye on what makes your partner – your life is an abyss by what others do, live or die. You’re always with greater attention to what your partner does says, instead of living a life for you and not through your partner. You are not able to take care of your life, are always more aware of the life of others, and your partner, or alone. The reality is that you can not take charge of yourself and need help.

Cecreto is a possibility, but the only recovery depends on your esteem and your courage out of destructive relationships. and subscribe to the newsletter and get the book: the ten commandments of the life partner. Our blog is at your disposal if you want to send us your story.

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