They are many and complex the problems today faced by the governments in the direction to obtain the desired results. Education, health, security, combat to the drugs, compatible infrastructure with the economic and social growth, combat to the poverty, sustainable development, generation of jobs and income, are only some of the objectives that must guide the public administration. Before executing the actions that they will make possible to reach goals and accomplishments they are necessary public politics. These, break of the minds of the governing or controllers? ministers, secretaries and assessors, and are ece of fishes, through strategies, to be executed. Why the public politics do not obtain the desired effectiveness? Why they are so difficult to be implemented and delay as much time? Where the managers erram? One of the causes is in the form as the public controllers enxergam each problem. Plans and programs are created and divulged, but they fail in the execution. The controllers adopt exceeded methods and nor perceive. They see excessively occupying servers and of commissioned functions, as they were themselves things and not proper people with talentos and motivations.

They do not use abilities, abilities and compatible tools to century XXI for deal with servers, who will have the incumbency to place in practical the planned actions. It has basses levels reliable between commanded commanders and, beyond shunting lines of interests, that despertam the will of some to participate of corruption chains. With this, the enrollment of the servers in the diverse tasks leaves to desire. Personal efforts and motivations do not lead to the comprometimento. With current the practical ones of management, time and resources are wasted.

The advances that happen in the reached results, if process slowly and they are not sustainable. Without the had clarity that allows to understand the priorities, without the emotional connection of the servers with these same priorities, without qualification, without synergy, the had responsibility to reach with priority goals, occurs small advances, but slow and still very incomplete. Due to professionalism in the public administration, the will politics of the government to change the current indices is focada in the marketing of what properly in the real possibility to reach goals with support. The Brazil plan without Misery is one of the examples, that can here be placed. In the essence it is a very important plan. How much to the execution, of beforehand, we know that the results will not have the desired speed and results. This can be foreseen by the paradigm that is in the origin of the public politics. When the paradigm is not correct, never the results will be the desired ones. Four points are indispensable for the full success of implantation of the Brazil plan without Misery and of others: confidence between servers and controllers, comprometimento, focus in the execution and enthusiasm. To obtain that is necessary to manage with professionalism, without wastefulness of time and resources. That is possible, since that the controllers know (and they want) as to lead and to manage people and processes with effectiveness. Edinaldo Marques Civil Eng, Professor and Consultant

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