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About art you speak best to bank directors, because artists prefer to talk about money ‘ discussion without dissent Felice Gritti March 15, 2011 “about art you speak best to bank directors, because artists prefer to talk about money,” says Stephan fruit in variation of a quote of the Finnish composer of Jean Sibelius. The set fits, because the Managing Director of the cultural circle of German industry keeps his introductory lecture on dinner conversation as is expensive (US) the culture? ‘. ” The wood-paneled walls of manageable event space in the Central and regional library Berlin-Mitte are bathed in warm light. It is cozy. Participants of culture and economy are converse about, what lies behind the promotion of culture by the private sector. What potential, which issues, what are the risks and for which the two pages? It is confined to the potential.

It remains comfortable. The culture is expensive for us, but it is also love us? ” Stephan goes on fruit. Judging by the following conversation, the answer is clearly: Yes, the private sector invests in the arts not only money, but does so in the knowledge of the value of it. “Dorothee of Posadowsky, the head of culture communication, cultural sponsorship” at the energy company E.ON, will remain the only one, which admits that it is linked to also promote public effectiveness: it is right that a company is a strategy. ” But even assuming social responsibility at each company location plays a role. “Stephan fruit looks very practical reasons for promoting art: companies can learn from sequences in the art world.” Previously it had always welcomed, the economy operates economically, the art is messy”- what so ever do not agree. Furthermore, the art, so fruit, was ahead most years with the themes of the economy provided by them, companies might an overview of upcoming Get developments and thus add value.

Despite all these advantages exist”but still a lot of prejudice on both sides, as of Posadowsky stressed – even though they have more in common than they think. So, many art and cultural workers assumed that a company is engagierendes wants to take influence. The challenge in the future is to work with these prejudices.” Maybe that would be easier if more attention would met with them, as in this evening. Please continue reading here: art world’s leading online magazine and decorative art online also artnet online auctions

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